Bug Soother: The All Natural Bug Repellent
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Bug Soother: The All Natural Bug Repellent



Usually leaves our warehouse in 1-2 business days.

Bug Soother is an all natural bug repellent that actually WORKS. DEET free, safe for children and pets, and smells great!

When fishing, hiking, golfing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, apply Bug Soother.​

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Bug Soother is proudly made in America by Simply Soothing, a family owned business based in Iowa.


Bug Soother: The All Natural Bug Repellent

A great way to repel those nasty bugs year round. A blend of vanilla and fresh lemony scents that smells great, but bugs hate.

DEET Free, safe for children and pets, Bug Soother is a safe all-natural product that qualifies as an EPA exempted product.

We formulated Bug Soother with 3% scent, 4% is the highest level recommended by the manufacturer. Some of the leading brands have levels of up to 18%.

Bug Soother leaves no oily residue like other products.

When fishing, hiking, golfing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, apply Bug Soother.​

Bottle Sizes

2 ounce: Pocket Size
Fits easily in your pocket. Great for hiking or gardening or keep in your tackle box. Packaged with a non-aerosol pump spray with cap.

4 ounce: Travel Size
This size fits easily in your purse, travel case or stash it away in your car. Packaged with a non-aerosol pump spray with cap.

8 ounce: Family Size
Great to keep in your home, garage, or workshop. Enough for the whole family. Packaged with a non-aerosol pump spray with cap.

16 ounce: Refill Size
Used to refill your other size bottles. Packaged with a standard cap.

Active Ingredients:

Lemongrass Oil 0.5%

Inert Ingredients:

Water, Vanilla, Castor Oil, Soya Lecithin, Lemon, Vitamin E 99.5%

Product Reviews

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Arrow Ace Hardware!!
I am the Night Supervisor at Arrow Ace Hardware in Owatonna, MN. We started selling Bug Soother a few years ago & sales weren't the best, because of the drought. Well, Simply Soothing sent us a box of sample size Bug Soother this spring & after distributing them all, within a few days we started selling the larger bottles like crazy!!
My customers & myself included, LOVE the product & were happy to support local businesses!
Outstanding Bug Repellent~!!
My Ace Hardware Manager suggested I should switch from Repel to Bug Soother. I really didn't think it would work because it didn't smell like bug repellent... but he said trust me, it works and it's safe on pets. I have a big Black Lab and a big German Shorthand - and YES - BUG SOOTHER is the BEST!! It truly works, safe on my dogs, smells just great and I will never use another bug repellent again. GREAT JOB to the development team at Simply Soothing. I love this is product and use it every time I go fishing or sit out on the deck. Thank you! Mike
The Best EVER!!
My hair-cutter, Erica, turned me onto this product a few years ago and I don't know how I ever lived without it...now I'm hooked and don't use anything else. After visiting my sister in Florida late last year and experiencing the mosquitoes, I'm sending her a couple of bottles so she can enjoy the great outdoors, year round...(wish they would get a snowstorm!). - Timothy Schwartz
Katie R.- West High's West Wing Functional Skills Program Representative
Bug Soother is great stuff to use.
Breena W.
Works great and smells wonderful!
Tammy T.
We love Bug Soother. We introduced it to many of our friends and family in Omaha. They love it. Thank you so much.
Roxann K.
I tried this at the beginning of golf this year and before long, nearly everyone in my league also purchased it. This simply works and it smells great!!!
Donna K. G.
Great products, wonderful store & SUCH friendly, helpful people - thank you!!
Nadine W.
Smells great , feels great and works . I spray my little Yorkie with it too . I buy mine in MN but now live in AZ , looking for a place that sells it here .
Tracy V.F.
I love this product. It smells good it feels good on your skin and it works.
Marcy D.
Moving to California, I didn't realize how much I would miss the convenience of running to the local store or golf course when I ran out! Love, love, love BUG SOOTHER!
Annette T.
I won a bottle of Bug Soother and it came in today. I'm originally from Missouri so you got to show me it works! Well it did..I live in Southern Louisiana and the mosquitoes can just about carry you away, but with Bug Soother, I did not get one bite and I was in shorts in a horse pasture... It is awesome and smells great too..Thank you Bug Soother!
Maralee H. K.
My family in Iowa got me to use this and I love it!
Shelly W.
The only thing that keeps the gnats away! Thanks for supporting Iowa's Project AWARE!
Jim Urban
Favorite of Project AWARE participants. Thank you.
Danee M. H.
I had my doubts but thought I would give it a try. First off, it smells amazing and isn't a greasy mess! I didn't have to worry about accidentally inhaling terrible fumes and holy cow it works phenomenally!! Not one bug bite!!
Barb Seth C.
Great product, great people, keeping business local!!
Paula S. Uhlrich
We were able to find a few bottles the first year and have not been without this product ever since as it works and no skin allergy for me, which is always the problem. As a HUGE bonus, this company has been generous with a donation to our servicemembers and I have the honor of sending these out with some love from home. Please check them out if you have not! If you are in IOWA, please support this state business now!!

Mona C.
I also love how it works, also how it smells and doesn't stink like some of the other bug sprays.
Jeff L.
This stuff is the real deal. Smells great and actually Works!! Did I mention it's made in America?!?! Support Bug Soother and Iowa company!
Nancy L. M.
I accidentally found this product while reading an article on an Iowa website. I ordered Bug Soother and commented that if it worked I would tell everyone I know. It works!!!!! Yep, in Tucson mosquitoes and other little irritating flying critters make 100 + degree heat even more miserable. I like that I can spray this on and it isn't greasy and I don't smell like a chemical. An extra bonus is it is made in the USA, in Columbus Junction, Iowa - my home state. I hope everyone will give it a try!
Samantha M.
Love this. Works amazing and I love that my little ones aren't getting toxins in them.
Sarah A.
From a mother who has a child that breaks out in blisters and sores from a simple mosquito bite, this product has has changed our lives! No chemicals and smells so good! I can not be grateful enough that I have found something that not only works, but isn't harmful to my children. I recommend this product for everyone!!! Thank you!
Greg W.
This is by far the best insect repellent I have ever used.
Scott W.P.
The best stuff ever! My daughter has eczema and this is the only thing that don't flare it up! It works so good at repelling bugs! Lifetime customer here!
Bret S.
This stuff is the best! Rarely do I give 5-Stars to anything, but this deserves it! I initially purchased this for my summer time in Cedar Rapids, IA where it worked very well. When I moved to Southwest Florida, I was hoping for the same results and was quite pleased as well, given mosquitoes here are like the state bird in size.
NO chemical smell or burning eyes when you sweat and it keeps the effectiveness even after sweating through a day of working in the yard.
Marilyn B.
Love this product!! It smells so good and no gnats, flies or mosquitoes!!! Taking a bottle out to North Carolina!!!
Tamara W.
A summer staple at our house!!! Best stuff ever and smells great too!
Jared C.
Love this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor S.
Works great every time, glad to support an Iowa product.
Ethan A.
There is simply nothing like Bug Soother. It smells good, isn't oily, doesn't have harmful chemicals in it, and just plain WORKS. Love it, love it, love it.
Jean B.
Love this stuff, all natural, smells wonderful, can be used on kids, pets, lawns without any harmful side effects. Put it on bug bites as an after bite, it really is Soothing!!
Kimberly C.
Absolutely love this product, I wear it daily during bug season! Thank you...go Iowa Innovation, hard work, and dedication! Love it!
Jamie D.
A product that works and smells nice too!
Kim C. A.
Love its effectiveness, low enough price, and safe formula.
Ryan O.
Can't go anywhere with out it.
Kimberly S. D.
Love this stuff! We went to the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron Ohio for my daughter to race and this stuff was a life saver! The rest of the stuff can go in the garbage can! I now use it all the time on myself, my kids and of course my little fur babies when we go outside.
Michelle W.
Thank you for a product that actually works... And thank you for making it safe and it smells good...my Iowa relatives told me about it but I had reservations, since I live in south alabama and our state bird is a Gnat... But I gave it a try because it was safe at least... So thank you thank you and I will be checking out your other products.
Krystle E.
Love this product. Seems like the only bug spray that works.
Heidi P.
Amazing product! We went camping for four days and not one bite! Thank you!!!
Dani D. L.
Love this product!
Gaye S.
Love this stuff! Works great, smells good and no greasy feeling...and it's made in Iowa!!!!!
Karen H.
You have brought me such relief from gnats & skeeters & you're made in Iowa & you smell GREAT!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Rick P.
One of the best if not the best product for keeping the pesky bugs away. While outside at a ballgame, picnic, family gathering, etc. It works fantastic, once applied those pesky bugs leave you alone completely! I am glad that it is a product of Iowa!
Tracy C.
Fantastic! Actually works on the gnats & bugs. All natural so if u put it on your face & accidentally lick your lips, it won't harm you. Does not taste good ( i found out the hard way )Pretty cheap too. I don't feel like I need a bath after I apply it either. Love this stuff!!!!!
Karen C. K.
Tried it last night for the first time while camping, on myself and my dog. It got rid of the gnats and smelled great.
Lori Z. W.
My husband and son are at scout camp and the request for what to bring them: BUG SOOTHER! It is the spray choice for the troop now! Tonight was family night and it worked FANTASTIC! I came home with NO bug bites! Thanks Bug Soother!!
Jenn W. H.
I love Bug Soother, don't leave home without it.
James L.
I work outside and started using this product last summer. Its the only thing I use now. LOVE IT!
Kevin B.
Great product. Absolutely threw all my other products in the trash. Inexpensive and works better than all other name brand products. I'm a bricklayer and the gnats, flies, and mosquitoes are terrible this year. I tried several brands this spring and came across Bug Soother at a local gas station and now I am hooked. Pleasant smell no burn and can spray on my face without the burn.
Jacquie B.
This is the best gnat repellant EVER!
Bethany C.
Excellent Product! I feel good using it on my kids because it's not full of chemicals. It smells great too!!
Jeff K.
Use this stuff every day at work! Works wonders for the gnats, and doesn't make you reek like traditional bug spray does!
Michelle H.B.
Works great and smells even better.
Leslie Ann
Love bug soother. Use it every time we go fishing or just sitting out and never have a problem with bugs.
Linda J.
Never using another bug repellent again..thanks bug soother!
Brandi K.
This is fantastic stuff that is safe, smells good and WORKS!
Dustin S.
Amazing stuff I work for a tree service so I'm in gnat infested areas every day today I used it for first time not a single bug in sight thank you soo much.
Leah B.
This stuff is great! Go on Shark Tank so it's not so hard to find!
Jeff L.
Wow. Your bug stuff ROCKS.
Bugs and gnats love me. They think I'm ice cream. Then my face swells up like a pumpkin.
Now I can go outside, walk the dog, and go anywhere. I'm FREE...............................! Thanks!
Mason H.
Best bug and gnat repellant EVER!!!!
Heidi K.
It really works!
Tracy V.
Works really well! Like the scent too!
Jennifer H.
Love this product and love that it's Iowa made!
Josh & Mindi S.
Love your product! Having a 3 year old and being pregnant, it is important to have an all natural product that is safe. Thank you.
Bryan J.
This works awesome.
Tina M.
This is a summer must have. We always make sure we have this before heading out the door for any outdoor activities. My five year old son asks for it and thinks it smells good. The only bug spray I have ever put on my infant son (9 months). This works like a charm!
Susie W.
Can go out my door, after spraying down with this amazing product! MAKE MORE PLEASE!!!
Jackie B.
It's the best! And smells amazing!
Alex L.
Absolutely amazing.
Stacey H.
Just tried this for the first time yesterday, and it's amazing! The smell is beyond wonderful and this stuff actually works. My kids, dog, and my husband all sat outside and ate diner together on our deck! I can hardly believe it. No more bugs!!!!
Kelly P.
I can't go to a ball game without it !!!!
Alison A.
Love this little green bottle if awesomeness!!!
Heather W.
It works great!!!
Lydia M.
Great product! Best on the market for those pesky gnats!!
Christy M.
We don't go outside without it!
Jennifer L.
Tami S.
This is the best stuff ever. Works for all bugs. This is all we use now. Keep up the great work. Keep it coming.
Adam S,
Used it Memorial Weekend during a bad gnat hatch. Bug Soother worked like a charm.
Becky R,
It Works!!!!
Karen Kendell
We have a small store in Hot Springs Village, AR. Our Customers love Bug Soother! Chiggers and Mosquitoes are not a problem when you use it! When the customer returns for more, it's got to be good....
I would just like to share that a bottle of Bug Soother went all the way to Haiti last week and worked amazing for my 15 year old niece!! She went there on a mission trip and kept all the bugs away with it! It was 100-125 degrees there but she didn't worry about getting bit.
Thank you!!!
I swear by it...
This is the most amazing product- we go out fishing a lot and spend a good deal of time in the yard- gnats are the one thing that seem to have no resistance to anything- until this. Love it- on the second bottle this summer already- I swear by it and tell everyone I know to get it..
Love that it's from Southeast Iowa Too!
Came from Kansas City to visit family and made a special trip to buy some Bug Soother. It worked great on my 3 year old and 4 month old and will be wonderful to have on those buggy nights. Love that it's from Southeastern Iowa too!
This product is fantastic. Hands down. I love that IT WORKS. I love that it's made locally. I love that I can use it on my kids. I love that it smells delicious. I buy it every time I can because we're either using it up, or sharing it with friends. Thank you for an amazing product!
Awesome job!!!
This stuff REALLY works.. my husband just mowed the lawn and for the first time ever he was not attacked by those pesky gnats! He even applied it to a previous bite (he got earlier in the day before he bought the Bug Soother) and the swelling went down..
Awesome job- Ann
Today I was at Fin and Feather looking for bug spray because the gnats have been driving me *crazy*. I'm working to restore 40 acres out in rural Johnson County, and because I react badly to any bug stings I have been stuck inside for the past week while the outdoor work piles up. A sales guy a Fin and Feather recommended your spray, but they were all sold out. As we shopped for a few other things, you showed up with new supply-and we bought a bottle. Upon arriving home I tried it immediately and was AMAZED at how well it works. It was as if I was suddenly invisible to those horrible gnats. No stings, no swarm of annoying pests around my face. Wonderful. I just recommended your product to my friends on Facebook and will recommend it highly to anyone looking for a natural, highly effective bug spray that even smells good! Thank you!
This is the absolute best gnat repellant and it smells great too. I am allergic to gnat bites and this has allowed me to be able to enjoy going outside and even to the softball games. Thank you so much!!!!!
I just had to thank you for making a product that works great and smells great! I went to Northern Minnesota last week and tried Bug Soother for the first time. I was amazed! The deer flies, gnats, and mosquitoes were fierce, but I was spared. I get nasty welts from a deer fly bite. Not ONE bite this trip! Bought it at Paul's in Clinton, IA. In fact, I bought a few to give as gifts. Thanks again. I am kind of proud it's made in Iowa.
Kim- Rochester, Minnesota
Fantastic! is all I can say. My dogs love it too! Such a pleasant aroma, I did not get bit once. You could see the swarms of gnats and mosquitos flying all around us. Thank you for an awesome product.
LOVE your product!!
Just wanted you to know that as a mother of two children with asthma and skin sensitivities I am in LOVE with your Bug Soother! It smells wonderful! My 4 year old daughter was very concerned that she should take a bath and wash it off before bed, and I was very relieved to know that the product would be fine on her skin overnight because of the lack of chemicals! Thanks so much for taking the worry out of me!

LynDee from Williamsburg, IA
I am on my fourth outing using Bug Soother and for the first time in my life I am not the mosquito magnet or covered with chemicals to keep from bites. Love this product and will sing your praises everywhere. I heard about you on a website "Old Hippies" and am going back there right now to thank them.
Safe for my Dogs
I had seen this product in a store but didn't know anything about it. A neighbor recommended getting it so I picked up a bottle. It was absolutely awesome - not a single gnat bothered me. After reading the ingredients I gave my small dog a spritz on his back before our walk to see if it would help him and it did - no more gnats for him either. After that I stocked up and bought trial sizes to share with my friends. This is the most fantastic outdoor bug spray and I have tried almost all of them. Thank you for a terrific product.
Letter Carrier Loves "Bug Juice"
Thanks, Simply Soothing, for "Bug Soother." Without it, I would not be capable of delivering my route effectively. I have a walking city route, and my hands are full of parcels, magazines and letters, not to mention pepper spray when aggressive dogs come out of nowhere. My hands are literally full, with no way to swat gnats out of my face. "Bug Soother" to the rescue!! Your product rocks, and allows me to finish my 9.5 mile route daily. Thank-you from the bottom of my postal service heart! xoxoxo
I have severe allergies to bug bites, including anaphylactic shock from bee, chigger, and wasp bites. For these, I've had to use an EpiPen or be hospitalized. Other insects cause severe reactions, which are painful, unbearably itchy, and can become infected. Finally, after decades of misery, I found Bug Soother. It is a miracle repellent, and made in my own state of Iowa. I have given it to many friends, all of whom buy nothing else but Bug Soother. Thank you for a great product!
Nancy G, Tucson, Arizona
Just wanted you to know how much I like the Bug Soother. We first found it at an outdoor wedding in Iowa in July-need I say more!! The mosquitoes were everywhere but on us and I am sure it was the Bug Soother. I have ordered several times as I keep it on hand and have given it to all of my friends. GREAT STUFF.
Dan McGinn, PGA
The Bug Soother from Simply Soothing was a great seller in our golf shop. We started carrying last year and had a hard time keeping it on our shelves. I only stock products in our shop that I can stand behind and that I know will work and after trying this product, I knew that it was something that I wanted to carry. Our superintendent tried it and he said it worked better than any other product he had used to keep the gnats and mosquitoes away. It lasted longer and he didn't smell like a gym locker room after putting it on. I had several people try a sample and then immediately after their round come in and buy a bottle or 2. We also had non-golfers come into the shop because they heard that we had this product and that it worked. I will definitely be carrying this product in the future and would recommend it to anyone."

Dan McGinn, PGA
Golf Professional
Muscatine Municipal Golf Course
Sherry Ingalls
I love this product !!!!! it works and also smells good unlike most bug repellants I've tried.
Char Andersen
We have been carrying the bug soother in our store for nearly 3
years and it literally just flies off the shelf from April to Oct.
Customers just love it because it WORKS. They use it at ball games,
hunting and fishing, horseback riding(even use it on the horses), golfing,
etc. etc. They like the fragrance and the fact that it is effective for
hours. After a customer tries it once, they usually come back and get
several more to have in their car or boat or RV. Many come back to get
more because they have given theirs to someone else who also loved it.
Michelle (last name removed) gave me a small bottle of this. She thought I would be a great person to test it as I lived near the river and we spent a lot of time outside. I must tell you - this is the best product I have ever purchased for bug control. We get a new bug every month and this keeps them at bay. The bugs bite me and leave welts all over my body, when I use this product, I never have the bites. And it smells so good!
Ray and Shirley Hendrickson
In our nearly seven year business relationship, you’ve supplied our soap products for the bed and breakfast. We have depended upon and appreciated your knowledge and input of the particular products for our guests and they have responded favorably. Each time our orders for products has always been filled as requested or needed. We look forward to our continuing relationship with Simply Soothing."
Ray and Shirley Hendrickson
Mission House Bed and Breakfast
228 Brown St.
Iowa City, IA 52245
Sue Sinnott
Simply Soothing has the most wonderful product called "Bug Soother," that keeps my husband working outside during gnat season in the summer. My husband is terribly allergic to gnats, when he is bitten he swells a large round circle to each bite. When using the product now he goes outside without concern and does not worry about being bitten. The smell of this product is wonderful, it smells as if you just baked a batch of sugar cookies. We went to an outside gathering last summer and the people around us were swatting at the bugs, and we sitting just a few feet away, were bug free. I have also sold this product at a store and it flew off the shelves. Last summer we had a horrible gnat season in Iowa. If you were out mowing your lawn the gnats would attack you, it was terrible. It just took a group of people purchasing it from the store to let their friends know, how wonderful it worked, and it flew off the shelves. The local car dealerships loved it because their car lots were filled with gnat. The other sprays had a horrible strong odor, this worked, and they could go out with clients on a car ride and not offend them with odor.
This product is wonderful and everyone needs some to be ready for the bugs that will come soon!!!!
Vickie Clingingsmith
I love your bug soother! My husband happened upon it at Spirit Hollow Golf Course. He has very sensitive skin and it worked great! Especially against those pesky gnats!!! He has recommended to several friends - they all love it!!!
Steve S.
I am a snowbird and head south for the winter months. I have to buy a case of it and bring it down with me, as all my golfing buddies want a bottle for the winter too.
Monica R.​
I have two kids and I worry about bug bites, but also worry about spraying chemicals on them. With Bug Soother I know I am not only keeping the bugs away, but not harming my kids.
John and Joyce Coder; Letts, Iowa
The Simply Soothing is great as a bug repellent and another thing that I tried was to spray a little on a paper towel and laying over my fruit and tomatoes and that is in the house and it keeps all those little insects away.
A satisfied customer, Michael E. Pavey
My work requires me to be outside much of the time in the spring and summer months. I have always used various "bug sprays and lotions" to protect myself from insects. I hated the smell, found that many of the products irritated my skin and left me wondering if they were dangerous to my health. Then I tried Bug Soother. It has a pleasant aroma and really works. I would not go any place in the summer without it.

Diana Stout
The product that simply soothing puts out, the bug soother is by far the best I have ever found! Our entire family uses it, including a baby and construction workers. I would recommend it highly and do to all my friends and family. It has been a lifesaver!!
Nothing beats Simply Soothing Bug Soother for keeping away those pesky swarming gnats. The smell is refreshing to me and a repellant to the gnats. It even works with light to medium mosquito attacks. During the bug season I always keep a bottle in my car, in my purse and at my house door.
Carlos Rich
I had been using the simply soothing product Bug Soother, for the last past 3 years. I discovered it while I was in the store at the item at time of the flood and we had a problem with bug and I spayed around me while I was at an outside event. People around me and began to like it and the fact that it was locally made locally it was so effective, I chose to take to my trip to Guatemala and that helped me combat the bug problem there, because of the Bug soother, my trip to the coast of Guatemala was more pleasant with no bugs to bug me.
I use this every day in the summer. I run an in-home daycare and we are outside all the time. I know it is safe and contains all natural ingredients so I use it on my kids. Not only is it safe but it smells wonderful! I've even considered using it for a perfume in the summer! My husband uses it as well when he goes fishing and hasn't complained about the mosquitoes at all.
Sheila Krueger
Wanted to drop a note and say Thanks for the Bug soother spray. I had purchased 2 bottles. One for myself and the other for Grandsons. We love how gentle, yet effective it is. Nice smell, much better than the "cans" of the orange stuff. I don't have to worry about the boys and bugs. Thanks for making such safe and great products. -Sheila Krueger Purchaser of Bug Soother and Lip Soother, shampoos, conditioners, linen spray and closet/room hangers.
Lisa Krotz
Love your Bug Soother! It is absolutely the best product I have ever found to keep away those annoying Midwestern gnats every spring. I take it with me everywhere, especially to the golf course. Those gnats are murder on the golf course and your Bug Soother never fails to keep them away. It is much, much more effective than the Absorbine Jr. so many of the other golfers use. All my golf partners are jealous of my "bug-free" golf game. I've given your product information to many of my fellow golfers in the last couple of years. Keep up the good work!
Lisa Clark
I have used this for 2 yrs. and love it. We use it for our kids at our day care setting as well! Works great!
Steve Stout
I know how well the Bug Soother works all over the world. It worked in Manzaillo, Mexico, Texas and when we worked in Mo. It is the BEST!!!
Mary Lue Ogilvie
I love the bug soother, it really works when I'm in the yard or garden. It smells good also, so I don't feel like I have to get showered from the smell, like most bug stuff. Thanks for making it.
Sallie Graves
I first became hooked on Simply Soothing Shea Creme. The skin on my arms is very thin and I end up with bloody arms, but the cream keeps my skin healthy. My second favorite item is the lip soother. It goes on like silk, no dragging it across to cover my lips. Of course, the real home run is the bug spray. NO nasty odor, no stickiness, and mosquitoes, gnats and other flying bugs in summer don't even land on exposed skin but fly right by. What a great product and with no harmful ingredients it is great for kids as well. Thank you Simply Soothing. I love your products.
Jason S.
I work construction and am outside most days. It's the best thing ever for keeping the bugs away.
Jenni Y.
We live on an acreage with two ponds and constantly are fighting the gnats and mosquitoes while fishing or doing yard work. We love, love, love this product, not only does it work, but has a great refreshing citrus scent which is nice when sweating out in the garden!