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“This stuff REALLY works. My husband just mowed the lawn and for the first time ever he was not attacked by those pesky gnats!” —Ann

Bug Soother, Safe for Kids & Pets. DEET Free.
All Natural Bug Repellent.

Gnats, no see ums, mosquitoes and other bugs will not be a problem this year. Bug Soother is an all natural bug repellent: a blend of vanilla and fresh lemony scents that smells great, but bugs hate. It leaves no oily residue like other products. DEET free and safe for children and pets, Bug Soother is a safe natural product.

When fishing, hiking, golfing, or simply enjoying the outdoors, apply Bug Soother.​ Try it as a bug repellent for your horses, too!

Bug Soother is proudly made in America by Simply Soothing, a family owned business based in Iowa.